Final Rating: 6.54. Finished 13 out of 228 entries.

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Animator: Don Kim

Description: I wanted to make contrast between the two characters.

Experience: College Student, about 2 years.

Time taken: about 2.5 weeks


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Carlos Guadarrama:

This one's really good, if you're going for the old look I'd change the framerate to something like 13fps (Chaplin)

bhanu g:

enjoyed the animation on the character screen right . very fun to look at . Also , the screen left guy's steps seem a bit that done intentionally? if he has some discomfort walking then its not reading clearly right now

Alex Spenny:

The idea is interesting. The animation still needs some work. Consider dropping the filter or changing up the perspective of the shot. It's a bit dark and I feel like the camera could be pushed in a bit more.

Ajinkya Deshpande:


Jed B.:

The mouse is good.