Final Rating: 6.10. Finished 21 out of 228 entries.

436 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paraskevi Koutalou

Description: It’s never too late to hold a balloon!

Experience: 5 years

Time taken: 7 days


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Dave Roddick:

OMG you did not do a Claymation submission! Points for!

Jessica Mehler:

This is really nice but I think the staging is a bit flawed. We need to be closer and/or the animation needs to be bigger. As it is it's a bit hard to see. I love the animation on the rope and it's really fun secondary action. There's lots of good stuff going on here, I'm always happy to see decent stop motion!


I like this story


Nice job!!

Alex Spenny:

Interesting idea and methodology!

Ajinkya Deshpande:

super animation, nice concept, all the best