Final Rating: 4.35. Finished 80 out of 228 entries.

348 views including the voting period.


Animator: José Vitor de Aquino

Description: Sometimes an adult just has a balloon to talk to

Experience: I'm working with animation. I started animating about two years ago.

Time taken: one week


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Arindam K Dutta:

From about 65 it derails from the lip sync

Nathaniel Vaughan:

Lip-sync's a little off.

Davi De Andrade:

The concept is good and it's a funny plot twist at the end. But the lip syncing needs improvement. I think a little more movement in the body would do good as well, and maybe less squinting, it looks like he's staring into the sun.

Charly Laurent:

Great idea regarding the talking balloon.

Spencer Barber:

I liked the balloon's expression, haha.