Final Rating: 4.80. Finished 80 out of 282 entries.

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Animator: Bo Ming Xu

Description: I worked on this shot using Malcolm 2.0 and Mr. Buttons the cat. I imagined him to be very irritating and overly confident. My acting inspiration was Ed Skrein's character in Alita: Battle Angel, but more exaggerated and cartoony.

Experience: Just graduated after 3 years of school

Time taken: 2 weeks in total


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Arm movements seem a little jerky. Are you using FK?

Bo Ming Xu:

Nice nice. Things to fix, there is jittering in the eyebrows at certain frames and the head could flow better and have more appealing arcs. The hand holding the knife stops in space around the frame 125. Get rid of the useless keys as to not clutter and stutter the animation

Razam Ali:

you need to clean yours Animation

Ezra Allen:

You got a whole lot of pops there, those curves need cleaning