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Frustratingly You

by Paola

Final Rating: 4.39. Finished 111 out of 282 entries.

338 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paola

Description: A depressed lawyer messes another case for lack of focus.

Experience: Student (1 year)

Time taken: A little bit less than a month


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boris zoris:

rated 5 stars
Interesting use of swipes here and there.
The gag comes across, because of the char's different shapes and defination of who they are is really good.
Needs some more inbetweens and keep those head sizes consistant please...[ make and use model sheets for yourself if ya wanna ]

Jeff Kamdon:

The animation of the guy on the left is too snappy and smeared for me. The person's acting on the right is great, and I like the emotion change from looking down and to the right to irritation looking back.

John Fraire:

timing could be improved in some spots; nevertheless, great use of smears!

Hadas Rosen:

You have a looooot of unjustified smears in there...take 'em out and just draw the frames! It'll make it look a lot better

Christopher Pohl:

Not really sure what all the movements are at the beginning. Those should be a little clearer and maybe not have so many of them. They kinda get lost when zipping back and forth between them without much time to see what they're doing.