Final Rating: 3.80. Finished 167 out of 282 entries.

251 views including the voting period.


Animator: Margarita Pacheco

Description: Two friends met up and one of them starts taking pictures of him getting jealous. Wondering how he can look so calm and fresh.

Experience: Student, 1 year

Time taken: Month


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Mike M.:

You have a lot of issues going on here. If you want to show environment, you need an establishing shot. And is the primary character playing peek-a-boo in the first second of the clip? I know he is taking a picture but it does not reflect that. And a usually a photographer does not talk while shooting pictures. He usually holds the camera down and talks. That is Hollywood myth. Also, the space between the two characters are a good distance, and at the second cut, they are nearly atop of themselves. Then the last five seconds of the clip, you have a blinking character. Try playing the clip in silence. Does it make sense to you? You rushed this one. Slow down, take your time, you can do better.

Juan Garcia:

Lipsync could be improved