Final Rating: 3.34. Finished 200 out of 282 entries.

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Animator: Samuel BOUARD

Description: A guys in his office play with his hands like a child.
it's an animation for fun not finished but oif you have any advices... :)

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: maybe 16H


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Ali Burak Tugrul:


Frank O Bear:

Interesting choice,

Carl Slate:

lawl wtf? XD
Okay, caught my breath. The first thing that stands out to me in this animation is that bare hand puppets generally have stiff-ish fingers that are more flappy than curly. And when your fingers are stiffined that way, it's more natural for them to rest down onto the thumb (between the 1st and 2nd fingers) than resting separated from the thumb. This was a good idea though, it sure caught me off guard.

John M:

Very inventive.

Juan Garcia:

Interesting idea, head movements could be improved

Steve Reach:

clever idea, but if the fingers are going to be the focus of the clip, those fingers need to be air-tight. THere's a lot of jumpy/popping in the finger motions. Plus the body is frozen, the upper torso should have a moving hold or motion in places to emphasize the word punches.