Final Rating: 4.01. Finished 148 out of 282 entries.

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Animator: Ryan Cunningham

Description: Joe goes in for an interview

Experience: Fourth year 2D animator in college, first attempt at 3D character animation

Time taken: About 30 hours


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Bo Ming Xu:

Hahah, very out there and I like the gag. Nice poses and great exaggeration of the character. Idk what to really say, doesn't feel like a serious entry but I can definitely appreciate it. It's like those clips you see on youtube with facial animations bumped up to 300%

Christopher Pohl:

so you definitely know how to exaggerate, but maybe too much. Actions are very erratic making it hard to follow his actions. you got some good poses, but they're just all over the place.

Ezra Allen:

Do less with more polish. Elbows are having a goood old swim in the table. Kind of like some of the attitude in places needs a sh*t load more polish.

Jad El-Khoury:

this is super fun to watch and is very rewatchable. I love it it's so weird. but it doesn't fit with the voice acting at all.

Perry Wubben:

You're articulating your words too much, try to flow your words into eachother. Exaggeration is a powerful thing but I think you overdid it a little.