Final Rating: 5.51. Finished 46 out of 282 entries.

2,221 views including the voting period.


Animator: Abhik Paul

Description: Thanks for malcolm rig.....

Experience: 1 yr

Time taken: 12 days after work


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Eric Bai:

You hit the hiss beat a little too early

Garry Cleaver:

Like the idea and the beats. Hand on chin for non player feels cliche, not needed. You are creative tho. Like it.

Carl Slate:

Nice touch with the dangling tie, I think it dangles a little too much, though. I feel like it should probably be a little more relaxed in some spots, and more dramatically flappy at the end.

Juan Garcia:

Character movements are great. Pool table environment could be improved.

Ryan R.:

Remember to turn off the HUD when you playblast your animations


This is amazing! Great movement, interesting camera angles, expressive characters. Kudos. Perhaps if I were to suggest anything, maybe have the first character focus more on his shot when playing pool. Overall kudos