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Two dudes sit at bus stop

by Steen Olson

Final Rating: 1.21. Finished 281 out of 282 entries.

617 views including the voting period.


Animator: Steen Olson

Description: Two DUdes sit at a bus stop

animators note: something happened with the file during playblast so i lost the last half of the animation
pls no bully

Experience: 2 years of school

Time taken: about 2 weeks


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boris zoris:

hrrrmmm....just a grey screen....rated one star....seeya next time with a complete shown clip, for whatever happened that this one did not show up.

Frank O Bear:


Juan Garcia:

Video was not watchable, perhaps a problem with codec or format?


Why would you upload this?


Not encoded correctly, so is sadly unviewable for me :c