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The Dog who wanted to e a Bunny

by Jackie Baker

Final Rating: 3.27. Finished 210 out of 282 entries.

6,217 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jackie Baker

Description: Fred the Basset is tired of chasing rabbits.He has decided he wants to be the next Cad bury Bunny however Chester, the neighborhood menace recognizes him and has decided to sabotage his tryout

Experience: Beginner

Time taken: 21 days


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boris zoris:

Rated 4 stars
I like the camera angles
I love the characters
This really, really puts across the gag
But, you already know this needs quite a few more inbetweens to get a much hight rating,.
Hope to see more of what you've got in the next compeption[s]

Addie Singer:

that azz tho