Final Rating: 6.36. Finished 19 out of 282 entries.

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Animator: Christopher Pohl

Description: While a student seems to be making great grades in class, his teacher isn't quite convinced that nothing foul is afoot.

Experience: 1-2 years in the industry

Time taken: Spent maybe 20 of the days animating, spending anywhere from 1-5 hours.


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Frank O Bear:

Great storytelling.

Jeff Kamdon:

I think the student acts too fearful when he should be hiding a secret. The pose feels exaggerated when he leans back on the chair, but the acting (especially the eye roll! nice job) before that part is great.

He may be reacting too fearfully because of the way the teacher jumps on his desk, but the teacher's movements feel exaggerated and a bit off as well. The way he eases down into a leaning pose (even if it's fast) doesn't have impact.

The composition/staging feels flat, but I like the story and setting.

Jamie F:

Nice idea!

Ezra Allen:

Nice animation. On the must line the pose needs work, the right arm on the desk looks very unnatural. Also with the grip on the arm the pose is unnatural