Final Rating: 2.54. Finished 253 out of 282 entries.

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Animator: CyprusmMeraz

Description: Here are two male characters, one a member of posh, high-society, and the other their adolescent son, under parental interrogation and suspicion.

Experience: 1

Time taken: 2 weeks


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boris zoris:

rated 5 stars
You do show alot of passion for wanting to move characters around the page.
Storywise for the gag this makes sense.
Model sheets should be created, even for this quick 11 sec. clip. They help you keep your characters in proportion from frame to frame. Solution to this is use of a mirror when running on a monitor and see the mirror image of the video running and you will see the popping of the char's heads as they get smaller or larger from various frames that are drawn either digitally , or on paper then transfered.
Again you show great promise and i hope to see you on the next 10-50 club competitions on here thanks for posting what you have so far !!!!!

Bo Ming Xu:

Nice acting! Some note to take into consideration: The animation and the audio clip is no synced up properly. You have the words written underneath the left character's face so that helps to distinguish. Make sure the dialogue beats are working properly. Also, it's quite confusing having the character's shirt and skin shift in colour.