Final Rating: 4.15. Finished 136 out of 282 entries.

9,869 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nicolás Olivares

Description: friend criticizes the other

Experience: for 5 years, but now I have started to study it seriously

Time taken: one week


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Mike M.:

Have you ever held a cup of coffee or tea? Your secondary action should support your animation, not distract it. You have something going on with the action of the tea cup. Your primary action isn't bad.

Jeff Kamdon:

The acting is heading in the right direction, but it lacks polish. The biggest problem is that there is no spacing in movement between the timing of the poses. The animation gets especially awkward towards the end with rapid, unusual changes in expression. I also find it strange how the mug doesn't spill, and how he uses it to point towards him (otherwise, the way he uses the cup is pretty good). The camera movement works, even if it doesn't add much story-wise.

Christopher Pohl:

pretty nice piece and interesting concept! you have a pretty good sense of timing and posing in this. But may need some work on the lines of action, settle, ins & outs, etc to make the actions flow more fluidly. right now its a bit pose-to-pose which makes the actions feel a bit abrupt.

Ezra Allen:

It's very poppy, work on your polish. I think he would spill his tea waving it around like that. Some of the poses are nice. Try using less poses and keeping it simple but getting a smooth natural flow between poses.