Final Rating: 7.14. Finished 10 out of 282 entries.

37,211 views including the voting period.


Animator: Pedro Tarantino

Description: The secret is a rescue plan.

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: Three weeks


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Addie Singer:

what happened to the head

Garry Cleaver:

Very good, cig doesn;t work for me. All else, super cool. Well done..

Frank O Bear:

Good story.


Nice work !!!

Jamie F:

Great work, I'd love to see the facial expressions pushed a bit further.

John M:


Christopher Pohl:

you got some good acting moments, but it also feels like its trying to get so much in in so little time that we dont have a lot of time to see or feel their actions. mainly looking at the police guy because he does a lot at the very beginning

Ezra Allen:

the head movement on closer is too much I think

Mike M.:

The primary animation is good, but the secondary action in the background doesn't work too well. If you cut the secondary action out the clip would have been stronger.

Jessica Nye:

Great animation and storytelling!