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Animator: Kimberly Holbrook

Description: Malcolm struggles to make his painting of Max, prompting him to wonder what he could be missing. How can that simplistic body be so secretive?!

The Malcolm rig is courtesy of

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Ha ha ha!

Carl Slate:

Clever design, good job. It gave me a chuckle. The character on the left seems to bob around a little weirdly, but I realize he was a bit restricted by position of his hand with the paintbrush. That's an interesting challenge to think about, how to execute that effectively...

Mike M.:

I liked the phone call connection, but the over exaggeration of movement does not connect with the piece. Try using a reference video of yourself acting out this piece.

Rémi Elart:

Quite good! But it seems that the pencils is attached to the body part, and it's like it's moving beacuse the man move, instead of being a natural movement of the painter's arm. And the 1st painting is different from the 2nd.. Was it on purpose? keep going

Abisayo Oremuyiwa:

Didn't get the story flow but nice models