Final Rating: 7.57. Finished 7 out of 282 entries.

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Animator: Valentino

Description: As an Animator, you will always struggle with many things. With this audio i would make fun of one of those!

Rig Credits by Animsquad.

Experience: Less than a year

Time taken: almost 3 weeks


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Varun Boomboi:

Relatable! Nice.

Frank O Bear:


Sanamani Singh:

great work..

Carl Slate:

Oh, very cool. "frustratingly" lipsync doesn't match up right. I think the character needs a bit more defined "RAY-TEE" in the middle of it. Maybe more flaring of his nostrils, too.

Jamie F:

Lovely idea!

Bo Ming Xu:

Great animation! I love the idea and I think we can all relate. I really like the relaxed, secondary rotation of the chair. Really smooth stuff!

I was kind of confused what those white blocks on the wall were but then I realized it was a dual monitor setup. Just for clarity sake add a material onto them that's not 100% white. No need for fancy texture or renders. It would be an easy change and playblast again.

Does that second hand on the clock go exactly 11 seconds? if so that's a nice touch

Ryan R.:

I really love this, but for the love of god, disable the HUD when you playblast, and add colors to the background. Its so boring to look at if you paused the video and just looked at it as a standalone image.