Final Rating: 5.49. Finished 48 out of 282 entries.

302 views including the voting period.


Animator: Zully Almaguer

Description: This is my very first time participating in an animation contest, I'd very much appreciate any kind of feedback! thank you.

Experience: Very little

Time taken: About 4-5 days


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Carl Slate:

Oh, very nice, a real contender for the win! "Because I don't have a secret", his body looks stiff, like he is being yanked around by a chain. "... how your able to be so..." His empty hand feels stiff. His arm is wresting on the chair, I think his hand should have flopped down a little more with it.
The cat's tail never moves. I fell like it just distracts from the scene if it isn't going to do something.
The chairs appear to be the sort of office chair that might tip/rock/swivel, but they never move. I think at least the cat's chair should have moved a little with his motion. It should bob back a little when his feet are up on the desk, when he later leans forward, and probably twist at least a little when he folds his foot over his knee at the end.