Final Rating: 6.71. Finished 12 out of 282 entries.

29,133 views including the voting period.


Animator: Varun Boomboi

Description: Younger Brother Unable To Understand How His Older Brother Takes Life So Easy

Experience: 7

Time taken: 14 Hours


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Jeff Kamdon:

Entertaining, intricate acting. Satisfying shot choices. There are no big mistakes. The critiques that I have are small, but this is what I got:

The way the blue shirt character imitates playing with a controller at the end doesn't feel natural. He also uncrosses his right leg at the exact same time he leans forward; it doesn't feel natural either (it would help to offset the timing a bit). The green shirt's hand movements are repetitive and a bit unfinished. The background could have been set in a house, or with a wall and furniture.

For the most part, it's awesome. There aren't many fundamental mistakes to pick at here.

Sanamani Singh:

Good work, good staging..Keep it up

John M:

Nice expressive characters.

Mike M.:

Your lip sync is off. a bit; the mouth shapes do not fit the sounds emitting Tweak that, and you will have a solid clip.

Ezra Allen:

Bit poppy


Crisp and to the point - Just awesome