Final Rating: 5.95. Finished 33 out of 282 entries.

23,930 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michael Daemmig

Description: In a random waiting room, Malcom finally got himself some water out of a water dispenser, leaving him curious.

Animated in Maya 2017, low res render with Arnold.

Experience: about 1.5 years, student

Time taken: 16 hours


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Will Sherburne:

When the camera switches, the characters should be on the same side of the screen as the previous shot. It's breaking the 180 rule and throwing things off. As far as the animation goes it's pretty good! Just be careful with the hands/arms and legs popping and jittering, it happens a couple times early in the piece.

Frank O Bear:

Great design ideas.

Eddie Higgenbottom:

Spicy foods puts the 7 in 7up!

Ezra Allen:

Some of the body stuff is great, watch for broken wrists. Need to loosen fingers on the left hand wave around f220. His face feels very stiff compared to the fluid stuff you have going on with his body.