Final Rating: 5.99. Finished 30 out of 282 entries.

1,273 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tom Weatherill

Description: A man tries to work out the secret

Experience: 4

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Garry Cleaver:

Liked it but not last right hand gesture and drink thing. More subtle would be good.. it's not hamlet on stage. Good lipsync and staging, well done.

Sanamani Singh:

Lighting is too harsh to read his facial.

Ezra Allen:

Nice staging like the black and white. Right arm on closer odd gesture, what's he gesturing to? Don't like that he goes back to arms behind head, feels unnatural. Nice on "must" with the head.
On "Explains yad yada Be so" again what's he gesturing to? Seems like the wall, try doing the gesture yourself does it feel natural? I think the offering the glass is nice idea

John Fraire:

Really good, though I think a bit of OTS action when Char.2 replies (hand wave maybe?) would improve it just that much more. Coulda reached for the glass afterwards too to solidify there IS a person there.

Mike M.:

I love the atmosphere and the lip syncing is very accurate. I think the movements at the end is a little bit too much. A good point or wave at the end would have been sufficient.