Final Rating: 7.16. Finished 9 out of 282 entries.

9,550 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mohsin Ali

Description: Inspired by senior chef

Experience: 3.5 YEARS

Time taken: 8 DAYS


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Jeff Kamdon:

I think it's cool how you interpreted the breathing sound at the beginning as a chef sniffing food. The picture of a kitchen slapped onto the back wall and the 2d fire sprites are a bit half-baked (no pun intended) but at least you put something there lol.

The acting lacks subtlety. There's a lot of good detail and execution in the animation, but the acting choices come off as a bit too straightforward. Also, the movement where the amateur chef moves his body down and up to sniff the meal at the beginning of the clip feels a bit too pose-to-pose. These complaints are a minor (though, acting is a big part of animation) and overall, I think the animation itself is fantastic.

Subham Das:

animation is not so good...need lots of improvements...the story i like it too much...pefectly matching with the dialogue.

Ezra Allen:

Nice. It would be good to get some secondary action in the hats. Guy on the right is not reading as frustrated to me. The first action is nicely animated but it's detracting from his first line. I dont your action on right guy are selling his dialogue. Nice animation though. Few pops on his arms.

Razam Ali:

Lip sync is off but acting is better overall good shot

Mike M.:

Your primary characters has too much movement when he begins. And how come the secondary character does not flinch when the primary chef is wielding a knife? And when he slides the carrots in the pot, it's too fast. Try to look at some reference videos.