Final Rating: 4.59. Finished 93 out of 282 entries.

92,134 views including the voting period.


Animator: Frank O Bear

Description: Down at the studio Scott and Ian differ in the ways they practise yoga. What is Ian's secret?

Experience: Animateur.10 years of fun.

Time taken: 52 hours (~ 5s / wk)


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Mike M.:

The over exaggeration of movement takes away from the animation. Next time, think smaller movements and think of using cuts.

Frank O Bear:

Still. Haven’t found the secret. (Last entered March 2012).

Jeff Kamdon:

The animation is going for super exaggerated acting, but the movement between each pose is too stiff to pull it off. The three key poses which I think come closer to good acting are frame 93, "secret," frame 275, "frustratingly you," and the first pose when he's thinking with his hand on his chin. The ballerina leap, the tap on the head, the shaking leg, and the crawling underneath as he examines his body are either too exaggerated or I missed the reason for the action completely.

Otherwise, your poses have great clarity. I wish this had been staged in a place that looked like a yoga studio, instead of a curtain backdrop with a sign saying "yoga studio" lol. The concept isn't bad either.

Eddie Higgenbottom:

I like it it's motion to the end. 270 and on the shoulders move up.

good work!