Final Rating: 6.70. Finished 13 out of 282 entries.

3,956 views including the voting period.


Animator: SiCheng_Hu

Description: The guy is doing the new color hat for the joker,but the Joker doesn't seems like it.

Experience: many years

Time taken: 6days


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Frank O Bear:

Nice character walk.

Carl Slate:

Bravo! This should be a real contender! Not just the animation, I like your characters, too. One thing I can spot that may have improved this, maybe the green cap at the end should have rolled or flopped or slid a little more?
After watching a couple more times, I think the walking motion at 157-190 looks a bit unnatural, too. Like, that is one severe duck-walk.

John M:

I lke this animation as it's different enough to stand out from the others. Nice work.

Christopher Pohl:

good animation, but im not completely sure what is going on with the story