Final Rating: 5.34. Finished 40 out of 330 entries.

382 views including the voting period.


Animator: Hambone

Description: A once loveable kitten has turned against his owner (who just happens to resemble a certain television character).

Experience: It's a hobby

Time taken: a week or so


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Payden Leatherman:

looks like you just copied certain animation films. The aristocats specifically.

Amanda Hildisheim:

This seems traced


you just draw other stuff from movies and tv shows. that is not what the competition is about. don't do that.

Dominique H.:

Cute. Your hardwork this month shows.

Victor Pierce:

"Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them."

This was fun, but literally tracing someone else's animation really goes against the spirit of the competition.

Tom Islava:

What do you call your act?
The Aristocats!...... cheater


You know, if you're going to cheat and rip-off some of the greatest animators of Disney, better use something less known than "The Aristocats".

Let's see, what do we got:
* "Oh, spare me the sanctimonious lecture. You never cared about me" = "Ladies do not start fights but they can finish them" (Mirrored image)
* "It's a human insult" = "Yes Mama"

Been busy rotoscoping, eh?