Final Rating: 4.95. Finished 59 out of 330 entries.

368 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ben Beaumont

Description: A call from his tedious father.

Experience: none professionally. 2nd year visual effects student.

Time taken: about 30 hours total.


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James Lyons:

too much left hand movement

Jordan Smith:

The character has too much useless movement that doesn't fit the scene

Zach Savaglio:

Lip sinc is the only issue I see.

Will Kavukis:

Great work! love the idea

Richard Adams:

Overall, really nicely done. Just feels like too much hand movement; hands moving all over the place and feels a little too random. Needs to be a kind of rhythm, alternating between a moving hold and bursts of movement to emphasize certain words.

Marten Visser:

Way too much acting I think. What he is doing with his arm feels not logical. Can be more subtle.

Kenneth Mayfield:

excessive hand gestures

Ravi Mula: