Final Rating: 6.64. Finished 13 out of 330 entries.

87,160 views including the voting period.


Animator: Canadian Wolf

Description: Wolf Bond has been captured in Rio by an evil Capybara named Evilbara.

Experience: Enough

Time taken: Some evening and weekends


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Madalin Truica:

wow, good one! love the drawing style. very random plot tho. good luck!

Derek Christmann:

If this was a show or a movie i would watch it hands down

Richard Adams:

Visually beautiful, love the character design, wind animation effect especially is gorgeous. Just wish this was more finished; all the markups removed, and the characters not so see-through. But the movements and lip syncing both are really well done. Overall one of the best 2d hand drawn animations this month.

Amanda Hildisheim:

This is rad! I want more!!! Lol I wanna know there story! I love the secondary action!!! And the story! The style makes me think of el dorado! Nice work

Paul Nguyen:

Love the art style and animation.