Final Rating: 4.07. Finished 126 out of 330 entries.

285 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dani

Description: Get it off your chest, Malcolm.

Experience: Intermediate Student

Time taken: Two Weeks


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Amanda Hildisheim:

Is the monkey the first voice? Why does he fall like he was a plush?

Gaethan Bracke:

The camera panning in the beginning could maybe be better from a different angle. Right now a lot of the guy is hidden behind the bland couch and we want in on that animation-y action! I really like the dismissive hand motion the guy makes at frame 75. After that I feel like there may be a bit of overacting? Too much movement constantly. Or too big movements perhaps. If you held some poses longer or made some movements less big so you have a few that really stand out and stay in memory it might work better. The monkey falling was pretty funny but feels very stiff. Also try to keep him alive before then by maybe making him breathe or moving his tail a little or something. But now he's just too static.

Jessica Cain:

Interesting idea, but why does the monkey fall off at the end?