Final Rating: 4.80. Finished 69 out of 330 entries.

342 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jake Radcliff

Description: A leopard is angry with his trainer for putting him in the cone of shame.

Thanks to Truong CG Artist for the leopard rig.

Experience: 2.5 years as a student

Time taken: 4 weeks


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Maximilian Wright:

I really like the fluid animation of the park ranger's movements in this! I think the scene could be improved by having more background animation on the animal while the focus is on the Ranger's movements


Good attempt! lips are not quite synchronised and lack of facial expression. Would be nice to see it finished with some motion on the leopard in the second shot.

Will Kavukis:

The idea is great! and i enjoyed it alot, just the fact that the leopard does not have any animation while the guy is talking is a shame

Amanda Hildisheim:

I just wish to see the cat flinch when he touched his nose but overall nice lighting and character interaction

dogman nate:

Nice! Great follow through on the arm swings, it looked very natural. Where is the peak or climax? I think it's the "ya basic" line - but the character's poses didn't really reflect that. I felt the poses here very were realistic and understated (and great!), but it would have been nice to have something "big" at some point.

Tom Islava:

Could go for some more movement on the leopard's torso.