Final Rating: 6.55. Finished 14 out of 330 entries.

12,122 views including the voting period.


Animator: Reza Hadiani

Description: Two friends who are having trouble

Experience: 10 Years

Time taken: 7 Day


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Mike Schanbacher:

Nice work.

Ben Beaumont:

Good Poses!

Isaac Holzwarth:

This is really fantastic, but somehting about it feels slowed down, choppy almost, like it's skipping frames or something. The animation itself looks very nice though!

Marten Visser:

Nice acting. The facial expression from the blue guy at the end is bit extreme in my opinion.

Lina Zhutautaite:

Great acting choice!


Love it :)

mojgan hokmabadi:

I like to enjoy your animation. it has excellent timing. but in my opinion; the character sitting at the table is much better than the character that smokes. Ultimately, your lip synk is so great. I hope you get good points.