Final Rating: 2.43. Finished 287 out of 330 entries.

273 views including the voting period.


Animator: Gerardo de Jesús Castañeda Ramírez

Description: I show a character talking about how the first person never cared about him.

Experience: I study Animation and Visual Effects

Time taken: Around of 2 and half days


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Richard Adams:

Good lip syncing. Zero facial expressiveness though, and the torso doesn't move at all through the entire video.

Lina Zhutautaite:

lips synch work pretty good!

Brianna Shepherd:


Who are you ?

Jessica Cain:

Ok, I can see that you have some interesting animation going on here, but it's really hard to tell. Why do you have such a busy background going on? You can't actually see the emotion of the character. What is this character doing? Why is he doing it? Who is the other person in the scene? Where are they?