Final Rating: 1.99. Finished 323 out of 330 entries.

357 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kaleb Donaldson

Description: A young wizard has spent the last ten years in prison. He is not going to stop till he gets his revenge

Experience: about a semester and a half

Time taken: eighteen to twenty hours


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Richard Adams:

This isn't animated. More a slide show of still images.

Gaethan Bracke:

I think the setting is an interesting idea but it could definitely use some refining. Maybe showing the dead guy in white slumped over his desk at the end would communicate more clearly that he's dead as we now only see the bottom half of his face (although I understand you might have been avoiding gore)

Tom Islava:

What? No movie?

Shiloh Z. Vanaver:

Good storyboard. Wouldn’t call it animation though. This is the reason most of mine are black and white and sketchy. I see that you put a lot of time into the artwork.