Final Rating: 2.43. Finished 287 out of 330 entries.

284 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andrew Whightsil

Description: Cop arrests a crook who he happens to know. I lacked the time needed to finish the project,.

Experience: A year an a half on the high school level

Time taken: about 16 hours


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Zach Savaglio:

See if you can add lip sinc to it next time.

Gaethan Bracke:

This is obviously largely unfinished but some quick feedback: Lipsync, change shading from the white materials, don't just slowly move the eyes in the beginning, maybe first have him looking straight ahead and then dart the eyes to the cop. Or maybe even dart around a little before that to imply he's thinking and trying to asses the situation. I like that you played with the camera but if you rotated it in the other direction you would have ended up in the same end position faster while also having the face of the guy in cuffs in frame instead of showing their backs for a while as the camera moves. Good job on finishing the blockout though. Finishing something is always better than giving up because it's not perfect. Take what you learnt to the next animation.