Final Rating: 5.31. Finished 42 out of 330 entries.

438 views including the voting period.


Animator: Oliver

Description: The doctor and the protagonist are in fact friends but the villain in the story has tricked the doctor into thinking that his friend has betrayed him in a bid to turn them against each other and he has succeeded, for now.

Experience: None

Time taken: 45 hours


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awesome shot !!!

Zach Savaglio:

Lip sinc needs some work, like on the "me", needs more of an "eh" position.

Lina Zhutautaite:

haha great idea!

Elliot Angulo:

Work a little bit more on the lip sync!

Joris De Keersmaecker:

Good but your lipsync is off

Jessica Cain:

Interesting idea, good framing, could use more interesting camera.