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Mario Party Betrayal

by Jordan Smith

Final Rating: 3.93. Finished 135 out of 330 entries.

293 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jordan Smith

Description: Two friends playing mario party, then one steals the other's star

Experience: 3 years of High School classes

Time taken: 14 Hours


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Amanda Hildisheim:

I feel his pain lol

Gaethan Bracke:

At frame 91 the weight of the controller when he throws it to the ground feels a bit weird. I actually really like the smooth animations when the second guy stands up. The pointing, the gesturing when talking about his actual friends, pointing with his controller while saying "ya basic" feel good and have nice arcs. But the very end where he walks away and kicks the controller feels less good again. Maybe some bigger/longer anticipation for the kick would have improved it. I like how you kept the first guy alive during the second's monologue. Good job.

Jessica Cain:

Could use more reaction from the first guy