Final Rating: 7.28. Finished 5 out of 330 entries.

65,505 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sushrut Bothe

Description: A conversation in a 'roles-reversed' situation between a Big Boss and a small fry!

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: 2 weeks, between breaks.


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Mike Schanbacher:

Nicely done. Great acting choices.

Madalin Truica:

interesting acting but need some lipsync improvement, it's hard for me too. also I think you need to work more on plot, some backstory, but overall, nothing choppy, very fluid animation, keep it up!

Lina Zhutautaite:


Vincent Nguyen:

The body movements are great, but the mouth needs improvement on matching the audio...


Top ten!

Anton Erpilev:

Awesome! Beautiful,smooth movements and clear silhouettes! Great work on the fingers!

Frank J. Warsinski:

This is an example of when great acting can overcome mundane staging. It's hard to think of a more boring setting, two guys sitting across the table from each other. But the acting carries the day, and makes this scene a great one, in my opinion.

Jabir Dz:

Nice acting shot. Really liked these hand gestures and fingure animation...