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Cupid's arrow of love

by Zhang hao

Final Rating: 4.14. Finished 121 out of 330 entries.

264 views including the voting period.


Animator: Zhang hao

Description: What happens if two Cupid shoot each other?

Experience: 3years

Time taken: 4days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Richard Adams:

The animation here is just so-so. Very floaty. But the idea you came up with, is awesome. Love your idea!

Victor Pierce:

I like how expressive your second character's animation turned out! Particularly starting at frame 178! Love the head bob and facial expressions you applied there. A couple of things I would suggest: when the arrow strikes each character, there should be animation on the character's bodies to emphasize the impact. The first character jumps up slightly, but given the speed of the arrow his hip should shift to the left as if absorbing the impact. Same advice for the second character when he gets struck in the head, there should be a slight tilt in his head and upper body. Even if it's a tiny amount, it will make that action read a little better. Good luck!

Shiloh Z. Vanaver:

First one that made me laugh. I think you should finish it and use it for another project with new audio.

Tom Islava:

I think the idea is really funny. I thing of fr.26 his expression should look more surprised

Jessica Cain:

You've got some good animation, but it's hiding behind this over-the-shoulder camera shot that you've got going on.