Final Rating: 5.72. Finished 29 out of 218 entries.

568 views including the voting period.


Animator: Marc-Andr� Perreault

Description: A man is being interrogated by a machine.

Experience: 7 months

Time taken: 3 days


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too much acting, it seems not natural

Christopher Winn:

its too animated in some shots but the robot is nicely animated.

Richard Adams:

Really nicely animated overall. Good poses, facial expressiveness, lip syncing and movements.

Main weakness, I don't understand the hand signals. Are the hands saying "the prisoners walked and I pounded them flat?" Hand signals are distracting. And where are the prisoners?

Sopon Goongit:


Kyle Newton:

Pretty good acting. Miming the motions doesn't feel like it fits very naturally though. Each one has to come and go too quickly because of the dialogue, and then near the end the character switches back to subtle expressions again.

Nathaniel Vaughan:

Even without an environment, it seems to do well with it's animation.

Ben Hall:

could have stronger poses and slightly smoother animation