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A Captivating Critique

by Brendan Hobbs

Final Rating: 4.01. Finished 112 out of 218 entries.

401 views including the voting period.


Animator: Brendan Hobbs

Description: An animator is drawing whilst his supervisor critiques his work and asks where he is going to take the prisoners, even though the characters being drawn are nothing to do with being prisoners?

Experience: This is my second animation clip ever.

Time taken: 1.5 Weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Christopher Winn:

Wow, love the claymation feel of the render but the animation needs some more work. I don't understand the story too well either


too much movements :-/

Conor Gilmore:

Good posing over all. try offsetting body parts. like first spine then head then hand. like a chain. give shooting reference a try.

Kyle Newton:

Hands are snapping erratically and moving much wider than the dialogue warrants. Tone it down a bit.

Ben Hall:

Need 12 principles of animation here