Final Rating: 5.74. Finished 27 out of 218 entries.

571 views including the voting period.


Animator: inu2345

Description: Hi animater please check this movie and commernt ,thanks for watching my movie

Experience: 1year

Time taken: 2week


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부드러운 액팅!

Adriana Manquero:

I really like the main guy, however, from frame 161 onwards, the prisioners are just standing there, not really doing anything.

Nicholas Rodriguez:

You're getting there!
You got some pops and many transitions from pose to pose feel sudden. Try to soften how hard you hit each pose by adding in more ease-ins and ease-outs!

Kyle Newton:

It would have added more drama to add another character speaking to your main rather than implying one. You could probably afford to vary your camera angles too to get some more interesting compositions

Ben Hall:

Nice motions and poses