Final Rating: 7.87. Finished 4 out of 218 entries.

23,574 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andrea Gulli

Description: On his first day of work, this prison guard is not really sure what he's supposed to do.

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 3 weeks in the evenings and weekends on and off


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Ivan Mendoza:

Awesome job! I'm glad to see how this turned out!

Baylee Ramey:

Amazing linework! I love the consistency of the weighted lines

Christopher Winn:

Good very good. some advice here though. If you are not going the animate the background characters leave them out.

Kyle Newton:

Really good character acting. It would be nice if there could be more character interaction or something situationally that could suggest why the character's speaking without much conviction.

Javid Fathi:

Fun flash animation (I like how you progressed the action with his dialogue), however, his final pose seems out of place for his tone and the book falls off screen too quickly (add an IB around frame 20). Even so, good work. :)

Nathaniel Vaughan:

Great animation on the main character, although the background characters really seem like cheap stills given that they don't move.

Brian W.:

Amazing work. Easily my personal favorite.


THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's so cool to see a beautiful work like yours, congrats !

Ben Hall:

fluid motion and great expressions and poses

Todd Christiansen:

Wow, really well-done, just fantastic.