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These Are Prisoners?

by Tyler Cernak

Final Rating: 5.71. Finished 30 out of 218 entries.

569 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tyler Cernak

Description: A man realizes his new pals aren't who he thought they were.

Experience: A few years, on and off

Time taken: Four weeks


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The animation is cool, too bad you didn't work your charadesign

Ivan Mendoza:

I love it when they start to whistle.

Richard Adams:

I find this one hard to rate. Some aspects of this are extremely well done. Others are rather poor, hard to state which parts concisely. The guard pointing, hurts it, as does the prisoners zooming offscreen rather than, say, trying a sneaking motion. But you also have a lot of good movement and expressiveness here which is very well done.

Nathaniel Vaughan:

Smooth animation with really funny expressions, it just needs color.

Michael Smith:

Liked the emotions behind each characterr

ro crown:

Not full animation of every frame, but still great
rated 9

Ben Hall:

the animation is smooth and the poses and expressions are strong and read clear