Final Rating: 6.56. Finished 15 out of 218 entries.

1,107 views including the voting period.


Animator: Janice Lee Carter

Description: An alien picked up two humans to go explore the universe ... however, his boss corrects the true intentions of his mission.

Experience: 2+ years

Time taken: about 3 weeks


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Erin Shales:


Kyle Newton:

Pretty appealing animation. You could push the inbetween frames on your facial movements though. Maybe that's just preference from me though.

Jeressa Lara:

Good luck Janice!

Nathaniel Vaughan:

The expressions, character movement, coloring, and lip syncing all blend well together, though the movement of the side characters when compared to the main speaker feels choppy.

Javid Fathi:

Interesting story and animation, but some of your lip sync could be improved by making your consonants clear and including anticipation in between the main character's pauses.

Yuri Covissi:


Ben Hall:

The animation stlye here and use of motion blur really helps the transition between poses feel fluid the lip sync is a little off at the end but overall this is well done indeed