Final Rating: 5.94. Finished 21 out of 218 entries.

705 views including the voting period.


Animator: WK

Description: Spy bear in the mission

Experience: 5years

Time taken: 15days


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Keshav kourav:

Wel ...good Animation ...I cut ur two stars cos the concept is not much convincing

Richard Adams:

Nice subtle body and facial movements here. Illusion of life very good here. Good lip syncing too. Visible prisoners would've fit the dialog better though.

Kyle Newton:

Really good subtle character acting. Lip sync does get slightly off at some points.

Brian W.:

Very natural. Character's don't-give-a-damn attitude really comes through. Well done.

Ben Hall:

This one has very good subtle movements but the lip sync for one line doesn't quite work and we can't tell what prisoners he's talking about in this setting.

Aaron McGriff:

Nice character/rig