Final Rating: 4.24. Finished 98 out of 218 entries.

450 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anna Laura Zielinska

Description: Animation made for my Master's assignment.

Experience: I am doing my MA in 3D Animation since October 2016.

Time taken: It took me 4 days in total.


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Elizabeth Dik:

I'm not sure if this was your intention or not, but the arm movements are very floaty and feel like they have little to no weight to them

Imani Jay:

Creative concept but I would have liked to have seen more movement. You have it in the jelly fish but what about the establishing shot? Why not have the orange fish walk closer to the shark first before speaking? From the distance they're at- I feel like the fish would have to yell in order to be heard by the shark.

Jean Bultingaire:

There is no great pose, no spacing, too much arm moving.

Nathaniel Vaughan:

I'd like to know what was actually happening.

Ben Hall:

It's a little floaty but the characters are underwater so you get away with it a little but I feel like the movement still isn't realistic enough even under these circumstances and would require research as to how things move underwater. Some of the poses could be stronger and the lip sync doesn't match

Howard Cameron:

very floaty