Final Rating: 2.35. Finished 211 out of 218 entries.

436 views including the voting period.


Animator: Andrea Lizárraga

Description: One!

Experience: Four months of experience

Time taken: one week


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Hmmm I'm a little lost. The camera shots are all over the place. And the animation doesn't seem organic. Try going pose to pose first with reference. Then work from there. Also, keep the shots simple, keep the characters on consistent sides of the camera so we can transition better.

Christopher Winn:

Come on..... Have you resorted to making false animations to make you animations look better or so you can register a "legit" profile to rate up your true animation? this should have never been uploaded

Audrey Wilson:

that butt wiggle lol

Todd Christiansen:

very unsettling to look at

Jean Bultingaire:

is she twerking ?

Kyle Newton:

I hope that was struggling that you were going for at frame 43... In the rest of it, your body motions are only moving for the sake of having movement. Give them purpose

Ben Hall:

Need 12 principles of animation here