Final Rating: 5.39. Finished 40 out of 218 entries.

462 views including the voting period.


Animator: Christopher Winn

Description: Nick is a hotshot detective who sees lots of action and always walks in the bad guys personally. Doug on the other hand is a desk cop/Jail guard who doesn't get much action besides messing with Nick when he brings more bad guys in.

Experience: 2 years, current student

Time taken: overall 1 month, actual time animating 7 days


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Michaela Dawn:

Idea is great. The cop's expressions in the beginning are fantastic, but it feels like you gave up half way through.

Christopher Winn:

First off, I wanna thank my Lord Jesus Christ for helping me get this uploaded in time. I couldn't have done it without His help. Thank you to everyone who voted (fairly of course... haha) and to those who commented as well. I will be reading them and taking your critiques into consideration. This was my first 11 sec Club competition and I had a blast animating. There are a ton of things in here that I would have liked to fix. However, time was of the essence and deadlines hindered me from doing so. All in all this was great practice. Thanks again!!! :)

Kyle Newton:

It looks like you might be capable of pulling off more interesting character acting. It's kind of a shame you took a bored approach with the main guy since it doesn't make the shot interesting, especially from a distance. You could also have included the other prisoner guys in the shot for more variety.

Phuc Truong:

nice models for context. Solid animation. I would pull the camera closer to the lipsync models so that the audience can see them better and it allow for better staging.

Ben Hall:

the motions and poses are strong in the begining but peter out a little toward the end becoming unnaturally slow