Final Rating: 5.92. Finished 22 out of 218 entries.

726 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michael Mavromatis

Description: Still new to maya so it took me more time to figure out all the issues with the models when I first imported them, then spent time modeling the extra assets. At the same time was trying to balance uni work and other side projects.

Experience: No formal training, about 1-2 years of practise.

Time taken: Started on the 5th and finished 28th


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so funny!

Elizabeth Dik:

It took me a moment to realise what was bugging me so much about this, you've missed blinking.
Other than that, i'd say you have movement alright, but your expressions need work


great lipsync!

Ben Hall:

The animation is fluid except for when they run away at the end. The guy sinking away isn't convincing it looks like the ground beneath him is melting instead of bending down. The animation looks nice and fluid but the poses could be exaggerated more.