Final Rating: 8.03. Finished 2 out of 218 entries.

59,303 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anat Dayag

Description: Jules and Blip rigs from Animation Mentor, BB-8 rig from highend 3d (by Anh Nguyen).

Experience: a few years

Time taken: 4 days


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Ivan Mendoza:

Adriana Manquero:

I love the smile at the end!

Kalpesh Patel:

hi, nicely planed and done the animation..

Christopher Winn:

It looks like that bb 8 is to high up at frame 125-138 its a little jarring to see it that high up compared to the other shots (ex. Frame 46). Also watch for where the main character eyes are looking (ex. Frame 113). It seems he is not looking directly at the security droid in some shots and it could use some ease ins but overall this shot is Good.


top 3

Keshav kourav:

good work !!

Sopon Goongit:


Nathaniel Vaughan:

An amazing animation with great detail in it's characters and environment, hilarious facial expressions and body movement, and spot on syncing with the audio and animation.

Todd Christiansen:

polished piece with strong acting.

Michael Smith:

Super detailed


good job, dude !

Brian W.:

Really good acting. Well done.

Ben Hall:

The animation is fluid on everything even the robots and the poses work well

Aaron McGriff:

One of the best so far!