Final Rating: 6.85. Finished 8 out of 218 entries.

8,647 views including the voting period.


Animator: Christoph Lendenfeld

Description: Robots are stupid. It's a hassle to deal with them

Experience: 4th year student

Time taken: a few evenings and some afternoons


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Pamela Rivera:

Nice surprised expression. Love also the "I Am... " expression.

Keshav kourav:

good !!

Kyle Newton:

Nice environment/context and really robust acting.

Robert Pettersson:

Hey, great work!
I love the start of your shot. How he reacts to the voice and really starts to think of an excuse. That's great!

Nathaniel Vaughan:

Amazing character animation with great lighting, shading, and overall tone.

Anise Akiko Ambuehl:

Great sense of weight

William Barry Eggington:

Very very smooth. I love it. Very well done.

Ben Hall:

I wish there was more poses but the movement is smooth and make sense in this situation so it works.

Jean Bultingaire:

Love it !